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the Knight's Fibonacci Martingale Hedge

How we leverage a strategy that shows signs of never failing



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Pair Count

Total portfolio value will define the number of pairs traded, and the aggressiveness of the hedge

Currency Goals

Traded pairs produce more Bitcoin, Etherium, or Fiat. Each portfolio defines it's goal.

Asset Selection

Total volume of the pair / price provide a table top assets to trade today.

Investment Strategy

Buy a minimum quantity, and if the price drops a predetermined percent, buy again


Asset sells at break even price plus half the initial hedge size. Buy back into asset at the minimum, with a hedge the size of the order book spread.

Price Traversal

The third-buy will incorporate the Fibonacci sequence 1-1-2, and multiply the asset to buy, and the initial hedge percent by this value.


Bet all pairs on an exchange

Based on the total investment, many assets will be traded, and asset will always be on hand.

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About the Knight's Fibonacci Martingale Hedge



Money Management

  • By enabling bots to enter orders through-out the price, without identifying a specific target for this group of hedges.
  • All orders are maker and never left in the order book, long (no shorts), reducing costs and overall hedge footprint to close higher, buy lower
  • Knight's are leveraged to recalculate the hedge at a Fibonacci level.
  • Buy dips consistently, the market pays returns for consistent buying patterns.

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